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Feb 23, 2022
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As a packaging box manufacturer, we all want a packaging box that is highly matched with our products, which is what we call tailor-made. Although our product packaging boxes are designed before production, many times the designed packaging boxes are not satisfactory. The function of the packaging box is to reflect and transmit the value of the commodity. The packaging box participates in the whole process of the production, circulation and sales of the commodity, and plays a very important role in the commodity, so this is not only a problem that commodity production enterprises should be concerned about, but also a Issues that packaging and printing companies should be concerned about. The main function of the packaging box is to protect the commodity and transmit the main information of the commodity. In addition to these two main functions, the packaging box should also facilitate the use, transportation and sales of the buyer. Packaging is designed with a combination of many factors, not only in combination with commodities but also with packaging art. The basic functions of a successful packaging box are the functions of clear product pattern, image, strong identification, and easy to remember. Our packaging box is a combination of materials and craftsmanship, and the shape and structure of the packaging box and the appearance of the packaging box are beautified and decorated. The three elements of the packaging box are the size of the packaging box, the shape and size of the packaging box. There are three kinds of shapes that we commonly see in life, namely natural shapes, artificial shapes and accidental shapes. When we study the morphological structure of products, we must find a form that applies to all properties, and we must extract the common and regular things into what we call abstract forms. The rules of shape beautification of the appearance elements of the packaging box, generally we have to consider the rules: symmetry and balance of graphics, proportion and scale, rhythm and rhythm, comparison and association, stability and lightness, contrast and harmony, repetition and echo, unity and change. But now with the personalization of packaging, many packaging no longer abide by the above principles, on the contrary, the design is more bold and individual. When designing packaging boxes for products, we may have the courage to break through the routine, and we may get unexpected results.


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